Long Arm Quilting

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Price Guidelines

Base Prices:

Top size:






Quilting only













Priced per yard

Basting only












  • Quilting price includes Signature® solid-colored thread up to 3,000 yards per quilt. If over 3,000 yards is used, there is an additional $15 charge.
  • Specialty thread such as variegated and poly blends are also available.
  • Batting price includes Warm and Natural® 100% cotton. Wool is available at approximately 25% more than cotton.
  • Backing price includes choice of several 100% cotton 108″-110″ wide Moda, Civil War reproductions and others. Batik backings also available, slightly higher price per yard.
  • Backing and batting charges not applicable if these are supplied by customer.
  • CBQ does not attach bindings.
  • If you want something oriented a certain way on the front or the back, please indicate which edge is the top with a safety pin.
  • If the quilting pattern chosen needs to be marked, I will use iron erasable chalk or Frixion pens. I will remove the markings prior to shipping; however, if the outside temperature is below freezing, Frixion pen markings may return. Simply dry iron them away. Once you wash your quilt, they will not return.
  • Return Shipping by USPS Priority Mail, insured for $200 per quilt.

 Additional Services and Fees

  •  Complex/custom quilting designs (additional 20% of base quilting price).
  •  Special handling (eg; additional insurance, overnight delivery, etc).
  •  A cleanup fee will be charged if quilt needs to be deodorized of smoke or have pet hair removed.
  •  There is an additional charge if more than 3,000 yards of thread are used.
  •  All prices are subject to change without notice.

Guidelines for submitting quilts

  • Please do not attach your binding prior to quilting.
  •  Please do not baste or pin your quilt.
  •  Please check top for open seams.
  •  Please clip all loose threads.
  •  Please press your quilt top and back.

 If you provide your own backing and/or batting:

  • Be sure that they both extend at LEAST 4″ beyond ALL edges of the quilt top.
  • Do not provide Mountain Mist® batting.
  • Do not provide bed sheets for backing.
  • Please be sure there are at least two straight, parallel edges!

While in possession of CBQ, and for return shipping, all quilts will be insured for $200 each. If you wish greater shipping insurance, please indicate upon contract.

Keep in mind that your project will be quilted in the condition in which it is received. I cannot quilt out fullness, pleats or puckers.

Your quilts will be kept in a pet-free, smoke-free environment.

Special guidelines for pet owners and smokers:

  •  If pets are allowed near your sewing area: please make sure quilt top, backing and batting are free of all pet hair (use an adhesive lint roller such as 3M).
  •  If anyone smokes in your house: at least one week before delivery to CBQ, please layer your quilt top, backing and batting with dryer sheets, or spray with deodorizer such as Febreze®, and enclose them all in a plastic bag.

 Appointments are required; please call or e-mail in advance to make one, even if you are mailing quilts.